Ornate Horned Frog Care Guide

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ornate pacman frog
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Ceratophrys ornata

The Ornate Horned Frog or Pacman frog is a large spieces of horned frog from South America. They have a bad reputation for being very aggressive which is sometimes deserved but they usually are calm but get aggressive when irresponsible keepers continually mess with them. My frog is very calm and only atempted to bite when I first got him. The males typically grow about 4 inches long and as wide as they are long. Females grow about 7 inches and not as wide as they are long but still have a very heavy build. To determine sex the makes are generally smaller and much less bulky and the males make a call. Females are silent. The males throats turn dark during breeding season. They can live 15 years in captivity.

They really don’t care what kind of invertabrate you feed them. I feed mine who is a large male crickets, waxworms, Nightcrawlers, and the occasional Superworm. (I only feed one or two superworms a month). When they are babies dust their crickets with calcium powder with D3. I prefer to use Reptical because the creators of it also breed frogs so i like using it but Zoo med and T-Rex and numertous other companys sell it. These frogs typically don’t need dusting as adults but going the extra mile always helps the frogs well being. I dust crickets every other feeding for Babies, adults every 3rd feeding.
Dusting procedures
1. Place crickets in a jar or plastic bag
2. Take 2 pinches of Calcium Powder WITH D3
3. Swirl the jar or gentaly shake the bag
4. Pick crickets out of bag with tongs or large feeding tweezers
When feeding mice only offer once a week for babies and twice a week for adults use appropriotly sized food items don’t feed something to big just because the frog can eat itthat will cause obesity which will be disscussed later in this care sheet. Mice don’t need to be dusted with powder or supplemented they are naturally infused with the proper nutrients

If you feed your frog mice or rats make sure it is not the main food source as they can get a disease called corneal lipidosis which is where there are various fat or lipid deposits in the frogs body which can and will kill the frog but the way you diagnose this syndrom is the eyes grow clouded. Obesity is a huge issue wuth pacman frogs of any sort. What typically happens is irresponible keepers take advantage of the animal and feed them constantly make the frogs obese which leads straight to death if imediate action is not taken to slim the frog back to prime size. I am not a vet nor will I ever be one so if you have any doubts about your frogs health call a vet NOW

For babys a small plastic “Kritter Keeper” with about 3 inches of Eco earth or coco fiber mixed with Zoo med cypress twice milled bedding work well. Adults do well in 10 gallon aquariums with simple heavy screen lid. Kepp humidity high since these are rainforest animals. 80% minimum humidity! I like to keep mine about 80 degrees using a UTH. Other substrate options are moistened paper towels, and cypress bedding. Both of those are not as good as the good ‘ole coco fiber! Another option I have not tried is about to fill the cage with water half the height of the frog and to place a thin syrofoam slab but the issue is because these frogs are very prone to drowning them selves.
Breeding these animals is a hard task and is not easily done. It is best to look at specific care sheets targeting breeding as this is for general care

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